So, so gone.

If you've been following me since the beginning of 2018, you probably wondered why I fell of the face of earth for the past three months. Well, I'm back, and, oh boy do I have some stories to share....


Drug Abuse: LSD, MDMA, and Other Hallucinogens

Surprisingly enough there's up to six thousand species of plants, mainly fungi, with psychoactive properties in the nature. Generally the collection of chemicals in the plants that act as psychoactive are called hallucinogens.Today there's many forms of hallucinogens, which can be separated into three groups, depending on which neurotransmitter in the brain bears the closest resemblance to the molecular features of the drug.

Drug Abuse: Amphetamines

If you've seen Limitless, then you've definitely wanted to get your hands on that drug. I mean, the idea of unlimited endurance, endless energy, and astonishing capabilities seems quite mesmerizing. My previous post addressed cocaine, which provides this illusion for a short time, this time I will be speaking about another powerful source of this feeling of invincibility: amphetamines.

Drug Abuse: Cocaine

The worldwide famous love affair between S. Freud and Cocaine was a rare incident of no dependence. More commonly this love affair consumes the person and destroys their life. Cocaine has been around for thousands of years, it's derived from small leaves of the cocoa shrub in rainforests in South America. The culture of chewing cocaine leaves, which contains 2% cocaine, goes back to the Inca civilization. Even to this day, chewing cocoa leaves is part of the culture in that region, though due to the low cocaine content there's very few instances of toxicity or abuse.

Drug Abuse: Marijuana

Marijuana is probably one of the most politicized drugs in recent history. The two sides that are fighting for, or against it, are very passionate about their perspectives. The pro-marijuana faction tends to praise marijuana's benefits and downsize or ignore the potential dangers. The anti-marijuana faction keeps pointing out that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, aside with heroin and LSD.